My #healthcare, #healthIT, #digitalhealth reading list

Over the past few weeks, a number of people have asked me for my healthcare reading list. During coffee chats, JP Morgan happy hours, and calls with others looking to move into digital health, one of the most common themes is how to stay informed and up-to-date in a world of content overload.  My approach, which I've summarized below, is the result of years of dedicated reading. Whether you’re new to the industry or just looking for more sources, I hope it’s a good start.

First things first

Find a tool and a time that work for you. Since the demise of Google Reader, I swear by Feedly, which lets you group blogs by category and scroll through headlines. I generally read quickly, and email anything I want to revisit later to myself. Other folks use Instapaper to store or Flipboard to read content, and it feels like there’s a new reading app every day.

I supplement Feedly with a bunch of email newsletters. There’s some overlap, but it helps make sure I don’t miss key trends.

Start with a general healthcare primer

For my everyday update on what’s going in healthcare, I read the following:

Focus in

I'm currently part of a company building a digital mental health solution. So I’ve really focused in on the digital health and mental health blogs.  For digital health, I read:

For policy, I subscribe to a bunch of newsletters:

For mental health, I’ve learned a ton from Behavioral Healthcare Magazine. I also use Twitter and LinkedIn to find out what’s trending in the behavioral health industry.

Don’t forget the mainstream press

Finally, I make sure to scan the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes and Fast Company, as well as online-only sources like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Xconomy, and Quartz.  As healthcare, digital health and mental health have become a much hotter topic, it’s important to understand how people who are not in our bubble are learning about and reacting to relevant news.

What’s your list? What did I miss? Any sources or tips for staying informed?